New Diamond Technology

  • Location: Saint Petersburg (Russia)
  • General Director: Alexander Koliadin
  • Number of employees: 135
  • Market sectors: Jewelry, Industrial and Scientific

New Diamond Technology company was founded in 2014 for growing the largest high-quality single-crystal diamonds of IIa and IIb types. We actively develop Jewelry, Industrial and Scientific international market sectors and explore innovative approaches and technologies to improve quality of our diamond products. The company is focused on building partnerships with international research institutes and organizations to create mutually-beneficial collaboration with the main purpose - to contribute the whole diamond market.


The manufacturing facilities are equipped with the most modern presses improved in-house by our engineers and technologists. They developed unique technology of diamond growth which allowed us to set several world-records in the field of diamond growth and treatment. No one could beat these records to this day and we are annually aiming for more by increasing achievements constantly.


Our mission is to mass produce the highest quality single-crystal diamonds for all existing and emerging markets. Team of international professionals daily works with all continents, regions, countries and cities no matter which time zone they are in.


Since 2015 New Diamond Technology is one of the Founding Members of the International Grown-Diamonds Association (IGDA).

We believe that new technologies and their development must exist in continuous harmony with the environment, replacing the antiquated methods of obtaining rough diamonds that bear the irreparable human impact on nature.


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lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural by their physical, chemical and optical properties
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innovative technology allows us to grow the cleanest single-crystal type IIa diamonds of large sizes
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new technologies have replaced heavy equipment and processes damaging human health and the eco system
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diamond growth process is daily improved to be always a step ahead.
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we are ready to take challenges of any complexity for the most difficult tasks and needs of a client.


NEW DIAMOND TECHNOLOGY holds the world records in the key fields of diamond growth and treatment

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10.02 Ct (E/VS1)
the biggest lab-grown colorless polished diamond (brilliant) More
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10.07 Ct (Fancy Deep Blue/SI)
the biggest lab-grown blue color single-crystal diamond More


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High Pressure High Temperature

1. Spontaneous synthesis of single-crystal diamond and powders

2. Controlled synthesis of single-crystal diamond on a seed (used method)

3. Synthesis of polycrystalline diamond by sintering powders

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Chemical Vapor Deposition

1. Synthesis of single-crystal diamonds on НРНТ or CVD substrates

2. Synthesis of polycrystalline diamond on the substrate from other crystalline materials (polycrystalline diamond, silicon carbides or nitrides of various materials)

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Creation of a nanometer diamond grains by blasting carbon containing explosives

1. Production of cluster polycrystalline (ultrafine) diamonds during the process of ammunition utilization

2. Production of detonation  poly-crystalline diamonds of micron  range during the explosion of a TNT and RDX, metal catalysts and  fine graphite mixture

HPHT and CVD are the most widespread methods of diamond synthesis. We use HPHT technology (High Pressure – High Temperature) specifically controlled synthesis of single-crystal diamond on a seed. It is assumed that HPHT technology allows achieving large sizes and being superior to CVD technology in terms of clarity.


Due to innovations and unique technology, we successfully solved the problem of other methods and started a new era in the lab-grown diamond industry, where large and absolutely clean single-crystal diamonds have become real. 


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