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сompany was founded in 2014 for growing nitrogen-free single-crystal type IIa diamonds of large sizes and superior quality.


lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural by their physical, chemical and optical properties.
innovative technology allows us to grow the cleanest single-crystal type IIa diamonds of large sizes
Social Responsibilities
complex natural process that needs millions of years is now in human hands.
Diamond growth process is daily improved to be always a step ahead.
We are ready to take challanges of any complexity for the most difficult tasks and needs of a client.


We specialize in growing large single-crystal diamonds for jewelry and high-tech products. Unique technology allows to achieve single-crystal diamonds, that stand out in the market with impressive sizes and high clarity, that opens new opportunities for high-tech products, high-precision industries, micro and power electronics, optics, medical, military and aerospace industries and of course for jewelry industry. We produce:


  • Jewelry

    Process that needs millions of years is now controlled by human. Recreating natural environment of diamond growth in special laboratories, we are able to grow and facet real diamonds, that physically, chemically, optically and aesthetically are equal to the natural diamond.

  • Optics

    Due to production know-how, we have an opportunity to grow the purest type IIa diamond plates of large sizes without any losses of unique properties of a diamond, which create new opportunities for optics production.

  • Micro and power electronics

    NDT produces the purest colorless type IIa diamonds, but for micro and power electronics we are able to add the necessary concentration of boron in the synthesis process to obtain better material conductivity (types IIb and IIa+IIb) used in electro-chemical industries.

  • Radiation detectors and monitors

    A single-crystal diamond with low dislocations level grown by NDT has a large effective surface (up to 90% of the total) and high sensitivity of the surface, which makes it a perspective material for particle detection in the radiation environment.

  • Quantum applications

    The ideal atomic structure of our diamonds is perfect for research in thesphere of quantum photonics and optics. The spin of the electron in the NV center (an atomic level defect in a diamond) wasproved to be effective media storage for information and quantum computing.

  • Thermal applications

    A diamond by far surpasses its main competitors: silicon (Si), silicon-carbide (SiC) and gallium-nitride (GaN)in thermal conductivity.

  • Mechanical applications

    Diamond is known for its unique hardness. Strong and tough carbon compounds formed billions of tetrahedral cells which are the source of mechanical strength of diamonds.

  • CVD

    HPHT diamond plates are ideal substrates for deposition additional layers using CVD method. Moreover, NEW DIAMOND TECHNOLOGY plates open new horizons for researchers and scientists because of its unique large sizes, low-level of dislocations and other important characteristics.

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