Radiation detectors and monitors

A single-crystal diamond with low dislocations level grown by NEW DIAMOND TECHNOLOGY has a large effective surface (up to 90% of the total) and high sensitivity of the surface, which makes it a perspective material for particle detection in the radiation environment. Compared to currently used silicon (Si) based sensors, diamond sensors are able to detect much more signals, are the best electrical insulator and wear-resistant material. The use of a diamond in this sphere is now widely recognized by high-energy particle detectors community all around the world.


We specialize in growing large single-crystal diamonds for jewelry and high-tech products. Unique technology allows to achieve single-crystal diamonds, that stand out in the market with impressive sizes and high clarity, that opens new opportunities for high-tech products, high-precision industries, micro and power electronics, optics, medical, military and aerospace industries and of course for jewelry industry. We produce:

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