Micro and power electronics

NEW DIAMOND TECHNOLOGY produces the purest colorless type IIa diamonds, but for micro and power electronics we are able to add the necessary concentration of boron in the synthesis process to obtain better material conductivity (types IIb and IIa+IIb) used in electro-chemical industries.


Achieved results in collaboration with European partners have shown that chemical stability, conductivity and thermal shock resistance of diamonds differ them from other materials and creates a high demand in many electro-chemical sectors of industry as a semiconductor component, key element in diodes, transistors and thyristors, electrode in electrolytes, sensors, integral component in medical and UHF equipment.


We specialize in growing large single-crystal diamonds for jewelry and high-tech products. Unique technology allows to achieve single-crystal diamonds, that stand out in the market with impressive sizes and high clarity, that opens new opportunities for high-tech products, high-precision industries, micro and power electronics, optics, medical, military and aerospace industries and of course for jewelry industry. We produce:

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