Process that needs millions of years is now controlled by human. Recreating natural environment of diamond growth in special laboratories, we are able to grow and facet real diamonds, that physically, chemically, optically and aesthetically are equal to the natural diamond.


It is not a secret that diamonds are the most desirable, mysterious and spectacular gem stone. Due to company’s innovative technology, you can get not only a diamond of the best quality with a great selection of sizes and shapes, but also get the confidence that you have contributed to the development of new technologies, to the preservation of nature and environment and to our future.


We specialize in growing large single-crystal diamonds for jewelry and high-tech products. Unique technology allows to achieve single-crystal diamonds, that stand out in the market with impressive sizes and high clarity, that opens new opportunities for high-tech products, high-precision industries, micro and power electronics, optics, medical, military and aerospace industries and of course for jewelry industry. We produce:

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