Quantum applications

The ideal atomic structure of our diamonds is perfect for research in the sphere of quantum photonics and optics. The spin of the electron in the NV center (an atomic level defect in a diamond) was proved to be effective media storage for information and quantum computing. Type IIa diamonds with low-dislocation level and without impurities and contaminations are one of the most perspective solutions in this sphere. Although this technology is still in at a development stage, there is no doubt that such material as diamond will play very important part in quantum research.


We specialize in growing large single-crystal diamonds for jewelry and high-tech products. Unique technology allows to achieve single-crystal diamonds, that stand out in the market with impressive sizes and high clarity, that opens new opportunities for high-tech products, high-precision industries, micro and power electronics, optics, medical, military and aerospace industries and of course for jewelry industry. We produce:

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