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De Beers Conference 2016

De Beers Conference 2016

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The programme covers all scientific and technological aspects relevant to natural and synthetic diamond.

Unlike other meetings, it brings together the wide variety of disciplines involved in the natural diamond gem business (e.g. geologists, gemmologists, etc) with academics working on fundamental diamond science and technologists developing new applications of diamond. Topics addressed at the meeting include:

  • Advancing our knowledge of natural diamond and, through a detailed understanding of the defects and impurities in diamond, facilitating the identification of synthetic and treated diamond.
  • Spectroscopic and microscopic characterisation of diamond.
  • Synthesis of diamond.
  • Geology of diamond (including dating/genesis).
  • Development of an improved theoretical understanding of the nature and properties of diamond.
  • Exploitation of the remarkable electronic, optoelectronic, mechanical, thermal, electrochemical, etc properties of diamond.
  • Development of processing technologies for diamond and integration with other materials.

New advances in related materials (e.g. carbon nanotubes, graphene, other wide-bandgap semiconductors, etc) are also covered periodically.


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