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Now we are a member of IGDA

Now we are a member of IGDA

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NEW DIAMOND TECHNOLOGY LLC (NDT) is a leading pioneer in growing diamonds by High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) method. We specialize in producing the biggest high quality single-crystalline diamonds, using controlled growth on seeds.

We believe that new technologies and their development must exist in continuous harmony with the environment, replacing the antiquated methods of obtaining diamonds that bear the irreparable human impact on nature.

Thereby, we are glad to be one of the Founding Members of the International Grown-Diamond Association, that are already making future today by:

  • using less energy required to produce the same amount of diamond in comparison with mining;
  • providing cleaner conditions compared to the diamond mines, which spoil the natural beauty and quality of the land;
  • being more socially responsible, by eliminating the phenomenon of conflict diamonds in our production;
  • developing new technologies for the synthesis of jewelry and industrial diamonds.

We invest as much as we can in the future, creating a better world for new generations.

Welcome the new era of diamonds with us!