Laboratory-grown by High-Pressure and High-Temperature (HPHT) method diamonds are absolutely identical to mined, which means that all physical, chemical, optical and aesthetic properties are equal. The technology imitates natural processes of diamond growth, which take place in the Earth's interior, that is why lab-grown diamonds are made of the same material: pure carbon, crystallized in isotropic 3D form.
The company facility allows to cut and polish the largest diamonds in the world of round and fantasy shapes. The main advantage is the harmony between the quality and size of stones: each customer will find his own ideal proportions.
Commercially are available colorless (D-H) polished diamonds, but since 2016 we also provide naturally blue colors (Fancy Blue, Deep Blue and Vivid Blue), which 100% mimic the color of the natural diamond.
All of our polished diamonds are absolutely conflict-free, eco-friendly and certified at international gemological laboratories such as IGI and GCAL.
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Colors D-H and Fancy Blue
Clarity IF-SI
Cut Triple Excellent, Excellent, Very Good
Sizes 1.0 – 10.0 Ct