Multi-sectorial SCDP

Multi-sectorial SCDP

3.0 x 3.0 x 0.5 mm multi-sectorial SCD plate is produced from IIa type hith-quality HPHT synthetic diamond. The plate has no strain, bulk defects, surface cracks or pits. The main advantages are large work area without pores and inclusions, perfect crystalline structure, low level of dislocations and uncontrolled impurities, thanks to which the plate shows low birefringene and backrgound fluorescence.


Multi-sectorial crystallography means that a plate consist of several sectors whereas (100) sector is <60%. Mono-sectorial SCD plate consist of only one sector and as a consequence have no junctions of growth sectors which means larger work area, lower level of dislocations and impurities. Both types are commercially available.


Optionally we provide this size with Nitrogen and Boron doping up to 10 ppm. We recommend to use mono-sectorial SCD plate if your research requires homogeneous allocation of doped materials. 


For CVD application this size is also available with (100) edges. 


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Size, mm 3.0 x 3.0
Thickness, mm 0.5
Type IIa
Face orientation (100)
Edge orientation (110)


Roughness, Ra ≈ 5 nm
Miscut 90 +/-3°
Parallelism +/- 0.02
Lateral Tolerance, mm +/- 0.05
Thickness Tolerance, mm +/- 0.05
Edges Polished
Edge Features, mm < 0.02



Boron Concentration, ppb

≈ 50
Nitrogen Concentration, ppb ≈ 10
Dislocations density, cm-2 ≈ 102-5 
Thermal conductivity, Wt/mK ≈ 2 200
Absorption coefficient, cm-1 0,0045